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Casal Borsetti
Parco del Delta
A dive from the sea
Sea, sun, nature and quiet.
The International Camping Pineta is situated in Casalborsetti, only 12 Km from Ravenna. To find it you can take the S.S. 309 Romea (Venice- Ravenna). Casalborsetti is so named because of Giovanni Borsetti, a customer officer who was born in 1828 and decided to work as shoemaker in the “Casello di Borsetti”.

Near the “Casello di Borsetti”, the campsite is surrounded by a shady pinewood. It’s an ideal stop for people that would to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday in a cosy place.

Near the Camping Pineta, for people who like to practice sport during their holidays, there are some sports facilities for example for roller-skating, tennis, football and a riding centre. For its features the place offers the possibility to go for walks, to follow routes by bike, to do bird watching or to follow cultural itineraries.
Casalborsetti, in fact, is not so far away from the “Parco naturale del Delta del Po”, the byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, the suggestive town of Comacchio. Other places to visit are the cities of Bologna, Ferrrara and Venice. You can also do beautiful excursions in the naturalistic reserves of Punta Alberete, Pineta di S.Vitale, Pineta di Classe.

The campsite, two stars, has a direct admittance to the sea and here you can spend a quiet but gratifying holiday. The International Camping Pineta has a family management and the new camper as the traditional one is always welcome!
Here kindness, trust and friendly atmosphere are always present.


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